Emergency Communications Systems


What is an emergency communication system (ECS)?  The purpose of an emergency communication system is to keep people informed of both fire and non-fire emergencies with real time information that will direct them to safety, whether that means to evacuate or go to a specific place of refuge.  Emergencies could be caused by intruders, accidents, or natural disasters.  Building managers need to be ready to respond when a life threatening emergency occurs.


Be ready with Silent Knight.  Most experts recommend the use of a combined fire alarm and emergency communication system to leverage the robustness of the fire alarm system, and extend the communications capability with an integrated system.  Silent Knight’s long history of providing highly reliable voice-integrated systems continues with a wide range of options for emergency communication systems.  


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Where are emergency communication systems uses?

Originally only used in military bases, ECS systems are now installed in many types of facilities where there is a need to inform large numbers of people about an emergency with more than just a fire alarm


•Education:  K-12, colleges & universities, even childcare
•Government facilities
•Places of assembly: churches, theatres, malls
•Military bases
•life threatening emergency occurs.



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