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Listing Number:
IFP-1000VIP Analog/Addressable FACP with Voice Integrated Package 0559-0143
IFP-100 Analog/Addressable Point FACP 0559-0142
IFP-100VIP Analog/Addressable Point FACP with Voice Integrated Package 0559-0143
IFP-50 Analog/Addressable FACP 0559-0144
Listing Number:
IFP-100ECS/IFP-1000ECS 0559-0169
Listing Number:
Hochiki SLC Devices  
SD500-AIM Addressable Input Module 0559-0132
SD500-MIM Mini Input Module 0559-0132
SD500-PS/PSDA Single and Dual Action Addressable Pull Stations 0559-0136
SD505-6RB 6" Relay Smoke Detector Base 0559-0138
SD505-6SB 6" Sounder Smoke Detector Base 0559-0138
SD505-AHS Addressable Heat Detector 0559-0127
SD505-AIS Addressable Ionization Smoke Detector 0559-0128
SD505-APS Addressable Photoelectric Smoke Detector 0559-0129
System Sensor SLC Devices  
IDP-Photo Photoelectric Smoke Detector 0559-0149
IDP-Photo-T Photoelectric Smoke Detector with Thermal (135°F) 0559-0149
IDP-Acclimate Multicriteria Photoelectric Smoke Detector with Thermal (135°F) 0559-0149
IDP-Ion Ionization Smoke Detector 0559-0146

DP-Pduct Photoelectric Duct Smoke Detector

IDP-Pduct_R Photoelectric Duct Smoke Detector with Relay 0559-0152
IDP-Heat Fixed Temperature Thermal Detector (135°F) 0559-0147
IDP-Heat-HT Fixed High Temperature Thermal Detector (190°F) 0559-0147
IDP-Heat-ROR Rate-of-Rise Thermal Detector with 135° Fixed Temperature 0559-0147
IDP-Pull-SA Addressable Single Action Pull Station 0559-0157
IDP-Pull-DA Addressable Dual Action Pull Station 0559-0157
IDP-Iso Fault Isolator Module 0559-0153
IDP-Monitor Input Monitor Module 0559-0155
IDP-Monitor-2 Dual Input Monitor Module 0559-0155
IDP-Monitor-10 Ten Input Monitor Module 0559-0155
IDP-Minimon Mini Input Monitor Module 0559-0155
IDP-Relay Addressable Relay Module 0559-0155
IDP-Relay-6 Six Relay Module 0559-0155
IDP-Zone Addressable Zone Interface Module 0559-0155
IDP-Zone-6 Six Zone Interface Module 0559-0155
IDP-Control Supervised Control Module 0559-0155
IDP-Control-6 Six Circuit Supervised Control Module 0559-0155
SSB224BI 6" Isolator Base 1653-0126
SSB224RB 6" Relay Base 1653-0126
SSB501BHT 6" Temporal Sounder Base 1653-0109
SSDNR Duct Detector Housing 1653-0209












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