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RSS Feeds: Farenhyt Updates On Demand

What are RSS Feeds?
Farenhyt updates are available through RSS feeds, which use XML technology to deliver headlines and summaries to your desktop or Web browser. RSS feeds allow you to get site updates on demand without having to visit the web site. If you are an A & E, this means you can view a summary of recent specification updates, battery calculation updates, new listings and more. For Farenhyt dealers, this means you can view a summary of recently published documentation, bulletins, Farenhyt news, downloads, and more.

How to view an RSS Feed
To view a RSS feed, paste the feed shortcut into a RSS news reader (see the list of RSS readers to the right), or use a browser (such as Mozilla Firefox), which supports RSS feeds.

To view a feed in your RSS Reader:

  1. Copy the URL/shortcut for the category.
  2. Paste the URL into your RSS reader.

RSS Readers
RSS Readers download and display RSS feeds for you. Here’s a list of free RSS readers

For a comprehensive list of RSS readers, go here

RSS Resources
Learn more about RSS

How to read feeds

Everything you need to know about RSS


Farenhyt RSS Feeds - All feeds below will allow you to veiw the title and summary of the update in your RSS reader. The Farenhyt dealer feeds may require you to log into the web site before viewing the RSS feed link to the actual web site page that was updated. The A & E feed will not require a password to view the link.
A & E Feed
Paste shortcut into RSS Reader

A & E Updates
Farenhyt Dealer Feed by Category
Paste shortcut into RSS Reader

Just Published

Recent Documents

Downloads & Support

News & Events
Note: If you click an RSS link but do not have a compatible reader installed, you will see XML code in your browser. In this case, cut and past the RSS link into your RSS reader. You do not need to be logged into the Farenhyt site to view the list of updates inside your reader. For Farenhyt dealer feeds you will need to be logged into the Farenhyt web site to view the web page the update refers to when clicking on the RSS feed link.

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